Welcome to AndroidMan in Spain.

Albox Shop, Los Llanos Market and Kuki’s in Mojacar

Update. 5th August.

Our Albox shop is currently open 6 days a week by appointment only, between 10 am and 1 pm

KUKIS @ Mojacar. We will there on Wednesday 26th August Please contact us to get booked.

Los Llanos market. For the time being and to be on the safe side, we will not be at the market, our shop is now open on Saturdays between 10 am and 1pm. times may change depending on how busy it gets.

My view on the current state at the market. When the market re opened all traders was told we had to wear masks and have hand sanitisers nearby, over the weeks some us was talking in our whatsapp group about some traders and visitors not wearing masks, we are only talking about a few and not all the traders, fingers were pointing towards the fruit n veg guys as i also saw a few without them, they had their reason/excuses for not wearing them, things got a little heated amongst some traders, reminding me of the current state on facebook, the divide between wearing non wearing. The owner then said that all traders must wear a mask or be banned from the market, no excuses. There would also be a person at each entrance giving masks to visitors without one. The weekend of 18th, We (Jacqui and myself) was away that weekend and was not at the market, it was pretty quiet on whatsapp, I assumed everyone adhered to the rules until last week, just before the weekend on Thursday a message came from one of the traders, she had tested positive for the virus, everyone then asked which stall and where, from what we can make out, it was herself and her husband and one them had a stall with the potatoes and empanadas. Most traders are at risk as in age, health and their family members and decided not to go last weekend and will more than likely do the same for next week, we decided not to risk ourselves or clients and opened the shop and will do this until further notice.

To wear a mask or not? please do not visit us without one or you will be refused entry. We are doing our upmost best to keep you and us safe. Please book an appointment before visiting us.

Contact us ASAP to let us know if are having a problem making a payment. Please do not leave it to the last minute. Most invoices are sent out 10 days in advance.

Support Services.

We will be available for online support on the Client hub. www.androidman.support you can ask us questions via a support ticket, Clients with Android devices – we can log into your device to change services or check any problems that you may have. Appointments are also available at the shop, in most cases we will try to help online or by phone.

Social Media

Sorry we will not be taking support enquires on any forums or social media platforms. Please use the Client Hub or the contact us form.