AndroidMan VPN for Microsoft Windows

Our own Branded AndroidMan VPN service.

Enables you to use the Freeview apps such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and 5 on demand. Also good for unblocking most restricted services imposed by internet companies.

One account can be used on 3 devices at the same time, available for Android, Amazon TV and Windows

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  • Cheap, Fast, Reliable Connection
  • 31 Servers in 16 Countries
  • Fast VPN Without Third Parties
  • Multiple VPN Network
  • Block Malicious Content
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Access Restricted Websites
  • User Friendly Settings
  • No Logs

Price Menu

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Download and Setup

If you are reading this on your Windows PC, laptop or other Windows device, CLICK HERE to download to this device. if you are reading this on an android or Apple device take note of this url and type it into the address bar on the chosen device.

After you have downloaded the app a message will pop up on your screen. Select run.

Another message will pop up, select yes.

Logging in and selecting a server.

A list of country servers are listed down the left of the screen, select a server and enter your login details.

We will email your username and password after payment is received, enter those details in the white boxes and select the green login box.

When you have selected your server select the green connect button.

Wait and then the screen will change. Check where it says STATUS, this will let you know if you are connected to the server or not.

Fantastic you are connected to that server, now you can browse the internet safely.

When you have finished using that server, come back to the VPN app and select the big red DISCONNECT button.