Welcome to AndroidMan in Spain.

The Coronavirus.

Albox Shop, Los Llanos Market and Kuki’s in Mojacar

I am sorry to say that our shop and market stall will be closed until further notice. No doubt this will have a massive effect on our business and how we operate during this period. Once the lockdown has finished and its safe to do so we will re open as normal.

Please read our information below on how we can assist our clients during this lockdown.

We wont be able to take on new customers who require a new device. Unfortunately we wont be able to visit Mojacar on our advertised dates, There is a strict lock down in place for non essential journeys. Any new customers who have their own device we can help via the phone, there is a possibility we can log into your device and assist you.

Making a payment

Most clients who visit our shop regularly are making a payment. I have created a page so that you can make a card payment in 3 simple steps. It uses Paypal and you do not need to have a Paypal account to make the card payment. Below is a picture of what to expect when making a card payment.

If any clients are having issues making the payment, please ask a family member if they can pay on your behalf, I am sorry we will NOT be able to carry all our customers without payment being received, our shop will be closed for over for a month, I still have to pay my rent, utility bills and wages on a closed shop.

Are you ready to pay?  Select the Yellow box below.

Problem with paying by card

Say for example you are not getting the page offering you to pay by card and it says create account.
This could be a number of reasons, if using a mobile phone try a computer, if using google chrome try mozilla, firefox or windows edge (new name for windows internet explorer)

If that does not work, would you consider creating a Paypal account? I do have users who said they got ripped off by Paypal not to be trusted. I have used them for several years here in Spain and the UK and not had any problems, most scams or problems arises from buying from a dodgy sellers and maybe not happy if they took out a resolution with the seller and Paypal backed the seller. Anyway its fairly easy to setup a Paypal account if you are good at reading instructions, it takes about 2-3 days to get fully activated, you should still be able to make a payment on the day of joining, once logged in go to money section and add a bank card or you can add your bank account.  Paypal is a money processing company that helps us to accept card payments from our clients.

As well as Paypal we can take payment via online banking,  just send us a ticket asking for our bank details.  CLICK HERE TO OPEN A TICKET

If you are not good with this online banking etc, is there a friend or family member that can help you?  let us know their email address so we can match the payment to you.

I am unable to do any of the above!

If you are unable to do any of the above.   We do have some very venerable at risk clients who we know cannot travel and unable to do any of the above, we know who you are and can make an exception to delay your payment.  I am sorry we cannot afford to do this for all our clients, it would most certainly bankrupt us.  The services will want their money and we still have to pay wages, bills and taxes whilst being closed. If you are having a problem making payment please contact us straight away.

Support Services.

We will be available for online support on the Client hub. www.androidman.support you can ask us questions via a support ticket, Clients with Android devices – we can log into your device to change services or check any problems that you may have.

Clients with blank screen or freezing issues. Please use our checklist PLEASE CLICK HERE

Internet usage, given the current situation, I expect there will be higher amount of people using the internet, this will really push the system to the limits. Please have a read of this article in the news

Social Media

Sorry we will not be taking support enquires on any forums or social media platforms. Please use the Client Hub or the contact us form.

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