Philips Snow 3.0 – 8GB USB Flash Drive


Philips Snow 3.0 – 8GB USB Flash Drive fm08fd75b

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Philips USB stick Snow 8GB USB 3.0 green

The activity indicator lights up when copying files
An LED indicates that the drive is properly connected and active. It flashes faster when files are copied from or to memory.

Storage capacity up to 8GB 
With the useful storage capacity of up to 8GB, you can access much larger or much more files together with others via the USB port of your PC or laptop.

Easy to open and easy to use packaging
The markings and perforations on the USB stick packaging show you how to open the package quickly and easily.

Fast data transfer via high-speed USB 3.0
Extremely fast data transfer rates significantly reduce long waiting times when copying large multimedia files to or from the hard disk of your computer.