Temco SD22L House charger 1A with 1 Metre cable for Apple


1A USB home charger with cable for Apple (Temco SD22L)


Note: Includes lightning cable (Apple) of 5V 1A.
  • USB network charger.
  • Manufactured in one piece to prevent breakage when falling to the ground and with ABS material (flame retardant), protected against voltage spikes, excess temperature and short circuits.
  • The adapter is compatible with a 5V and 1A load which allows fast charging.
  • This adapter will serve as mobile or Tablet charger.
  • Compatible with all Micro USB, Lightning (Apple) and USB Type C cables.
  • Use this adapter to charge your Android, Iphone / Ipad devices.
Note: Includes lightning cable (Apple) of 5V 1A.
SD22L Available in Black or White

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B-White, N-Black