Wireless USB Mini Keyboard with backlight AAA


AAA Wireless USB Mini Keyboard with backlight

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Wireless USB Mini Keyboard, Ideal for fast forwarding adverts and to search for items.

Plug and Play keyboard with built in mouse touch-pad.

Compatible with most android devices and Mag box.

Works with other devices like smart TV and laptop,

Just pop the USB dongle into your device and power on the keyboard.

has a back light, ideal for seeing the buttons in the dark.

Requires 2 AAA batteries.

Adding channels to favourites.

Some keyboards will allow you to use the coloured buttons along the bottom for favourites, from left to right its the F1 red,F2 green,F3 yellow and F4 blue buttons.

To add to favourites press the F3 button on the desired channel

to view your favourites only press F2 and then choose “only favorite”

your favourites will now appear 

How to re programme your keyboard for IPTV

Some boxes/keyboard and remote controls may not have this feature,  you can manually program your keyboard or remote to work the coloured buttons.

important info, when choosing what button should represent the coloured button, make sure it does not conflict with another button which may also be used.

if using a keyboard maybe use the 1234 buttons, 1 is 1st from left, 2 is second from left etc.

press the menu button (or press OK button for 2 seconds)  and then select settings

 come down to configure key maps



choose ADD KEY

for the purpose of this demo i will use the number buttons. i will press the number 1 on my remote. then select the yellow box “action not selected”


now choose what the number 1 button does,  look for BTN RED

 once selected now select long press (tick box)


your 1 button is now confirmed as the red button.

the reason for selecting long press – this means you have to hold down the number 1 button for 2 seconds to use as the red button,  if this was not selected it will cause a conflict when using the numbers to select a channel.

repeat this process for the other buttons

select ADD KEY

press the number 2 button

 select green

3 is yellow

and 4 is blue.



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